Future events:

  • New events will be announced soon!

Recent events:

  • On 18 December 2020, the DRLA organized a (virtual) Symposium on ‘The Impact of International Law on Domestic Law under Russian and Dutch Law’. Speakers included professor Zholobov, director of the North-West branch of the Russian State Judicial University; professor Dorskaia, vice-director for academic research, head of the department of general theory of law of the North-West Branch of the Russian State Judicial University; Dr. Antonov, doctor juris at Leiden University and attorney-at-law in St. Petersburg; and by professor Mälksoo, professor of International Law at the University of Tartu, Estonia. The session was moderated by professor William Simmons, professor emeritus of East European Law at Leiden University. The highly interesting presentations by the speakers were followed by lively debates between the participants. The Board of the DRLA would like to thank all participants and in particular the speakers and moderator to the Symposium for joining us and for making the Symposium a success!
  • 15 October 2020. Wim Timmermans, chairperson of the DRLA, will give a (probably on line) presentation on “Customs arrest of counterfeit goods in the practice of Dutch courts and the ECJ” at a conference organized by, inter alia, the Council of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation for customs policy in Moscow.
  • 25 September 2020. Ruth van der Pol will – upon the request of Professor Zholobov, president of RGUP – give an on line presentation at another conference organized by RGUP on the role of the president of a court of law in The Netherlands.

Past events:

  • 11 September 2020. The DRLA’s members Messrs Pawel Cyran (Mr Cyran is a judge in Cracow) and Ruth van der Pol (judge of the court of appeal in ‘s Hertogenbosch) participated on line in a conference organized by the Russian State University of Justice (RGUP) in St. Petersburg. The conference was held on Friday 11 September. In the spring of this year we signed an MoU for cooperation with the RGUP. Mr Cyran spoke about the Polish-Russian lawyer Vas’kovskii end Mr Van der Pol’s presentation highlighted the great Dutch lawyer Hugo Grotius (Hugo de Groot).
  • 8 December 2019 at Leiden University
  • 13.00 hrs: Annual General Members Meeting
  • 15.00 hrs : Defending of Russian law dissertation of M.V. Antonov
  • 29 October – 10 November 2019. Study visit of Irkutsk Attorneys-at-Law to the Netherlands
  • 5 July 2019 (in Dutch) Symposium over de Juridische en Politieke Ontwikkelingen in Rusland, Universiteit Leiden.
  • 29 May 2018 Meeting of the Russian Organisation of Judges welcoming the creation of the Dutch Russian Law Association