The DRLA is here!

On 5 November 2018 the Dutch Russian Law Association (DRLA) was inaugurated. This event, symbolically, took place at The Peace Palace in The Hague. The association, consisting of lawyers from both Russia and the Netherlands, aims to jointly promote a fair administration of justice, the rule of law and the observance of fundamental rights in The Netherlands and The Russian Federation.

The association, building on a longstanding legal and historic relationship between the two nations, aims to attain its goals by sharing common and newly acquired knowledge and experience. It will do so by organising seminars, teacher practices, trainings, study visits, traineeships and publications.

Read here the opening address by Mischa Wladimiroff, the co-founder of the DRLA.

Read here the address by Sergey Belov, the Dean of the Law Faculty of the St. Petersburg State University.

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