General Meeting 18 June 2021

On 18 June 2021, the General Meeting of the DRLA convened (virtually) for the approval of the financial statement over the year 2020. The Treasurer, Rens Groen, provided a brief explanation on the financial statement. A summary can be found in the explanatory notes. The Audit Committee also granted its approval of the financial statement.

The financial statement was unanimously approved by the General Meeting. A report of the General Meeting is currently being prepared and will be shared on the website soon, as well as a summary of the Symposium on Freedom of Information that took place immediately after the General Meeting.

For the financial statement over the year 2020 (balance sheet, profit and loss account), please click here.

For the explanatory notes to the financial statement, please click here.

For the statement of the Audit Committee, please click here.

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