16 June 2022 – DRLA hosts virtual Symposium

On 16 June 2022, the DRLA organized a (virtual) Symposium on the impact of the invasion in Ukraine on various aspects of Russian law. Various speakers from Russia and the United States from backgrounds both in academics and in the legal practice greatly contributed to an interesting afternoon of discussion.

The first speaker, Dr. Anton Burkov, Director and Principal Attorney of the human rights NGO Strategic Litigation Center, introduced the topic by his first talk on ‘The impact of the war in Ukraine on Russian law’. Zooming in on the topic of Russian arbitration law, the next speaker, professor Alexander Muranov, Managing Partner of Muranov & Partners Law Firm and associate professor of the Department of Private International and Civil Law of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO University), spoke on the topic of ‘The Oppressive Arbitration Reform in Russia and the War in Ukraine: Some Common Political Roots’. Finally, professor Valerie Sperling, professor at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts, presented to the participants her view on whether ‘Has Russia Become a Totalitarian State since February 2022?’ from a comparative political perspective. The session was moderated by professor William Simmons, professor emeritus of East European Law at Leiden University.

The highly interesting presentations by the speakers were followed by lively debates between the participants. The Board of the DRLA would like to thank all participants and in particular the speakers and moderator to the Symposium for joining us and for making the Symposium a success!

The speakers’ presentations can be found following the below links:

Presentation of Dr. Anton Burkov

Presentation of Professor Alexander Muranov

Presentation or Professor Valerie Sperling

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