DRLA hosts Virtual Symposium on the Impact of International Law on Domestic Law

On 18 December 2020, the DRLA organized a (virtual) Symposium on ‘The Impact of International Law on Domestic Law under Russian and Dutch Law’. The speakers, all legal experts from various universities the Netherlands, Russia and Estonia provided their valuable insights on this complex yet ever so relevant topic. Speakers included professor Zholobov, director of the North-West branch of the Russian State Judicial University; professor Dorskaia, vice-director for academic research, head of the department of general theory of law of the North-West Branch of the Russian State Judicial University; Dr. Antonov, doctor juris at Leiden University and attorney-at-law in St. Petersburg; and by professor Mälksoo, professor of International Law at the University of Tartu, Estonia. The session was moderated by professor William Simmons, professor emeritus of East European Law at Leiden University. The highly interesting presentations by the speakers were followed by lively debates between the participants. The Board of the DRLA would like to thank all participants and in particular the speakers and moderator to the Symposium for joining us and for making the Symposium a success!

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